Let's Play Ball!

We took a game of catch - and made it more fun! All of our games are inspired by the core fielding skills of baseball, with a little competition thrown in for extra excitement. By playing, you’ll naturally improve your throwing and catching, accuracy and consistency, and transfer time. Whatever you want to work on, we’ve designed a game that will target that skill. 

• Race against the clock as you scramble to complete throws in Fast Throw

• Score extra rewards in Pop Fly for catching super high pop-ups. 

• Longer and Longer will stretch your game of catch farther than ever before. 

• Hand-eye coordination is put to the test with Higher and Higher

• Precision is the name of the game in Bullseye

All our games are paired with a dynamic soundtrack - words of encouragement, scoring updates, cheering and music. Turn it up to get your heart pounding and your feet moving! Try to beat your own best score with every round – or pick an opponent and go after their top score!

Ready to get started? Check out the Game List in the Backyard League app. Each game includes a setup video with easy instructions. Play them all! 

Want to know more? Keep on scrolling to learn how to get the most out of all the games on Backyard League. 

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More Details for Each Game

  • Fast Throw

    This is a high intensity game of catch, where speed, precision, quality catches and quick transfers are key. You have 60 seconds to complete as many throws as possible. Score bonus points for speed and distance. A dropped ball will slow you down, so keep your focus until the final buzzer.

  • Bullseye

    This is a game of focus – the more precise the throw, the higher the score. If the catcher’s glove moves around after a catch, your score drops. There’s no time limit, so be patient and work on your consistency. Your accuracy score is announced after each throw. A perfect throw is…a bullseye! Bonus points are given for speed and distance.

  • Longer and Longer

    We’ve all played this game with an egg – now it’s time to take it to the next level! Players throw the ball back and forth, taking a step back every time. Each throw has to be longer than the previous one. Rack up points for the distance between players and the number of throws completed. A short throw or a missed ball gets a strike. Three strikes and it’s game over. How far can you go before you strike out?

  • Higher and Higher

    A great game to play solo, it’s all about hand-eye coordination and control. The goal is to toss the ball slightly higher than the previous toss. Points are earned when you come within five feet of the previous throw. Toss too high and you lose points. Toss too low and you get a strike. And we all know the drill – three strikes and you're out.

  • Pop Fly

    You’ll be an expert at catching pop-ups and fly balls after playing this game. One player throws a high ball; the other player catches it and makes a strong return throw. Keep this up for 60 seconds, but don’t let speed make you fumble. Dropped balls get zero points. No need to worry – earn extra points for the highest balls and the distance you stand apart.

  • New Games Coming Soon

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Measuring and Tracking Progress

  • Live Scores

    During any game, real-time commentary announces the score you’re earning compared to your best score or an opponent’s score. The fun words of encouragement will keep you moving until the very last second. Spectators can watch the game on your screen and cheer you along. For the full arcade experience, pair your device to a bluetooth speaker and turn it up!

  • Final Score

    After each game, review your score and see where you stand compared to your opponent. Tap on the arrows under your score to see the metrics of that game, like your top throwing speed, farthest distance or number of missed balls. Try making a daily challenge for yourself. Can you beat your score by 100 points today? Can you make five more throws than before in Fast Throw?

  • In this brief video Paal and Eivind will take you through an introduction to the games with in the Backyard League Mobile App.

    Rank List Leaderboard

    Check out the Rank List on your app home screen to see the leaderboard for each game and where you rank among the best. Here, you’ll also be able to access the Throw Counter which tells you how many throws you’ve competed with the Gaming Baseball. Don’t forget, every game has its own leaderboard, too. See how you stack up against players from all around the world! 

  • Own Scores

    Every game will save all your scores – sortable by day, month or season. See how you improve over time. And keep on challenging yourself!