The world's first Gaming Baseball

  • A new kind of Baseball

    "This ball feels like a baseball." The Backyard League Gaming Baseball has the feel of an official baseball measuring 9 inches and weighing 5 ounces. If desired, add more weight with the included 16 adjustable weight tuners. "Precise and gives a great throwing experience!"

  • Technology

    The Backyard League Gaming Baseball is packed with technology and built on playOS - Playfinity's operating system for play. Bluetooth technology range up to 70 yards (210 feet). One button connection with phone. No personal user data collected. Long Battery Life - up to 70 hours or 40,000 throws.

  • Measures & Detects

    The Backyard League Gaming Baseball measures speed, airtime, height, precision, and transfer speed. And detects throws, catches, misses, and ground balls. The smart-core activity sensor will automatically update when the Backyard League App and Gaming Baseball are activate together.

  • Battery Life

    The Gaming Baseball is engineered with optimized power management. There is no off-button to forget. Open the app and press the orange Action Button to activate the Gaming Baseball. The Gaming Baseball will enter a light sleep mode when not in use up to six minutes. After six minutes the Gaming Baseball will go into a deep-sleep energy conservation mode. You can expect to achieve 40,000+ throws with one battery.

  • Pairing the Gaming Baseball & Phone

    Connection is quick and easy and it's all done within the Backyard League App. The Gaming Baseball updates the phone 70 times every second. You can play at distances of up to 70 yards from the phone. Through playOS we have engineered the ball with not to lose connection with the app. Better never stops and we're frequently making pushing updates through the app. You can update your Gaming Baseball directly from your phone in 20 seconds - open the Backyard League App, grab your Gaming Baseball and press the Action Button to wake-up the Gaming Baseball.

  • A robust design

    The Gaming Baseball is like no other baseball. Designed and tested ball feel like a baseball when you throw and catch it and perform like a gaming device. Regulation size and weight, with a robust design that can take a beating. The core is made of an impact resistant ABS material to protect the tech and the PU rubber outer gets better the more you play.

  • Everything you need to play is in the box. In minutes you will be ready to play. Let the Backyard League App guide you for getting the Gaming Baseball ready, with all bluetooth setup happening in the app. Note, battery is included.


    The Backyard League Gaming Baseball has undergone all the testing required to be a safe product. ASTM, FCC, and CE certified with additional toy standard certification. We offer 12 month warranty or longer in countries where this is applicable.