• Bjørn Christian Thode - Secretary General Norwegian Softball and Baseball Association

    “Playing catch is the foundation for all ball players, this is just so much more! Backyard League inspires and engages players the way good games do, while developing core baseball skills”

  • International Business Times

    In a world dominated by screen time, it's awesome to see a product that takes that screen and puts it to use with outdoor physical activity. The Backyard League Gaming Baseball is such a neat idea and something I can see kids really enjoying as they fight for a space on the leaderboards or try to create near-impossible challenges. Read beta review

  • Uncrate

    "Kids only have so much time in the day, and increasingly they're spending their time playing video games, to the detriment of physical activity and possibly their brains...allowing players to engage in a worldwide league with rewards, achievements, and other video game-like bonuses to help entice even the most stubborn of gamers to the great outdoors"