• Everyone who likes baseball needs one of these: feels right

    "…NO subscription costs.  It gets better from here.  It works with iOS or Android. It is easy to assemble. Setup is click simple. The app is well executed…"

  • Probably the best product I purchased for my family this year!

    "…This product surprised all of us once we realized we were in the park hours later than planned.  I highly recommend it!..."

  • Great gift for kids who love baseball

    "…it also has an arcade style feel to it that allows kids to get points as they progress…"

  • Fun training tool

    "…He is practicing so much more than he did before we got this.  And I feel like he will be so much more prepared for practices and games in the spring.  I love that this product comes with everything you need…"

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  • "The American Baseball Coaches Association is pleased to announce its new partnership with Norwegian sports tech brand Playfinity, the makers of the Backyard League Gaming Baseball. By partnering with ABCA, Playfinity expands its connection with coaches nationwide, specifically youth coaches, where they will provide new products and experiences to motivate young players to play more ball and to improve their skills through play."
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  • “Playing catch with a baseball in the backyard is getting a makeover, thanks to this new Bluetooth-connected ball. The Backyard League Gaming Baseball looks (and feels) like a traditional ball, mostly, but it has a smart core that allows it to track things like speed, distance, height and more. It takes that information and integrates it into its app to create various games for one or more people. Then, it can compare your stats to other people's around the world for friendly, anonymous competitions.…A compelling product that might be able to unlock more fun than you thought possible”
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  • “Baseball for the Fortnite crowd. This smart ball and app are the antidote to glazed eyes and dragging feet when it comes to baseball practice. Sensors in the regulation-size ball track things like speed, height, and distance. Those work in conjunction with the app, via Bluetooth, to give a simple toss in the yard the vibe of a competitive video game."
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  • "In a world dominated by screen time, it's awesome to see a product that takes that screen and puts it to use with outdoor physical activity. The Backyard League Gaming Baseball is such a neat idea and something I can see kids really enjoying as they fight for a space on the leaderboards or try to create near-impossible challenges." 
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  • “I was impressed with the sensitivity of the tracker and with the App tracking metrics.  I loved the included videos, and my kids specifically liked the Pop fly game:  throw a pop fly, then throw a low ball to gain points based on the height difference.  Their second favorite game was the Longer and Longer game. The App will give you strikes if subsequent throws are shorter, or if you drop the ball.  The goal was to build strength and accuracy.   Both games encouraged the user to gain points by extending the distance but discouraged drops and wild throws.  If the ball hit the ground, the App subtracted points.  The App encouraged team play and working with the partner to prevent drops...Hilarious…the perfect gift for your young ball enthusiast.”
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  • "Kids only have so much time in the day, and increasingly they're spending their time playing video games, to the detriment of physical activity and possibly their brains...allowing players to engage in a worldwide league with rewards, achievements, and other video game-like bonuses to help entice even the most stubborn of gamers to the great outdoors"
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  • "Rather than focusing on raw performance, this smart baseball was designed to maximize fun and enjoyment of the sport, with numerous training exercises that improve the user’s skills while bolstering appreciation for the sport."
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  • "Playfinity Tries to Bring ‘Backyard League’ to the Forefront With an Old School Game of Catch." The Sporttechie Startup Series looks at companies and founders who are innovating in the fields of athlete performance, fan engagement, team/league operations and other high-impact areas in sports.
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  • Bjørn Christian Thode, Secretary General - Norwegian Softball and Baseball Association

    “Playing catch is the foundation for all ball players, this is so much more! The Backyard League inspires and engages players the way good games do, while developing core baseball skills”

  • Jose Cueto, Head Coach - Tamiami Bad News Bears

    "Definitely encourages the kids to go out and play more ball! They had a great time. A pretty cool invention"