Getting Started

Connect the ball to the phone and get started in 2 minutes

  • Connect the Ball

    The ball uses Bluetooth to connect to the phone. Important: Do NOT connect in the phone settings. Just launch the app, push the button and connect.


    - Enable Bluetooth

    - Enable Location services(Android)

    - Use quality CR2032 battery (CR2025 will not work)

  • Upgrade the Ball Software

    On first connection, the App may upgrade the software in the ball. The upgrade takes 30-60 seconds. If it fails for any reason, kill the app(swipe it up) and start again. The app will automatically resume the upgrade

  • Commmon Problems

    Most connection problems are caused by the Bluetooth settings on the phone. To solve this try the following suggestions:

    - Disable and re-enable Bluetooth

    - Restart the phone

  • Problem Assembling the Ball

    In rare cases of our first production batch we have found issues with foam leaking into screw hole inside the ball. To quickly fix the problem, follow the steps above or contact us at to get a new ball in the mail

  • Adjusting Ball Weight and Balance

    The gaming baseball comes with weight tuners. Insert these into your gaming baseball to tune the total weight of the ball. The standard weight of a baseball should be between 5 to 5 1/4 ounces or 142 to 149 grams.

  • Hardware Reset

    As a last resort try the following steps:

    - Remove the battery from the sensor

    - Insert the battery

    - Restart the Backyard League app

    - Press the button on the sensor

  • Need Help?

    If you need help, please send the following to

    - Screenshot of the app

    - Phone model