Getting Started

Welcome to the Backyard League! 

You’ve just joined a community movement to get kids back outside and having fun. It’s a movement centered around outdoor gaming and bringing play back to sports. Remember how fun it was to be outside playing ball on a warm summer night? At the core of all sports is play. We want kids to feel that joy of playing while they improve their baseball skills. 

The Backyard League Gaming Baseball has been designed with technology that’s easy to use. The accompanying app provides fun games that let players compete against people around the world and keep track of their best scores.

Here’s the rundown of everything you need to know to get started. 


    You’ll notice our minimal packaging, which saves on shipping and trees. The quick start guide included in the box with your Gaming Baseball will walk you through the battery installation. The ball is ASTM, FCC, and CE certified as well as child safety certified. It’s very durable, but we offer a 12-month warranty, just in case. 


    Next, download the Backyard League App, available free at the Apple App Store or Google Play. Open it up and follow simple instructions to connect the ball. The Gaming Baseball uses Bluetooth to connect to the phone, therefore DO NOT connect the Ball in the phone settings. Just launch the app, push the button and connect. You’ll need two players to complete the intro game. Then you’re in!


    Welcome to your home screen! This is where you’ll access all the fun of the Backyard League. Tap on the Game List to see all the gaming options. Challenge other players’ top scores, check out your rewards and achievements, and see where you fall in the rank list. It’s also the place to update your profile, manage your Gaming Baseball, and more. 


    The Game List on the Backyard League app home screen will take you right to action! Click on the orange” How it Works” button for a great video overview. Unlock League Mode by playing each game one time. Now you can compete against people around the world! In every game, try to beat your best score or an opponent’s score. The live commentary lets you know how you’re doing. Friends can watch your performance and cheer you on as you battle for the lead. Check out the Games page to learn more. 



    View your progress by comparing your own scores by day, week, month, or season. See stats for any game and play against your best score to get a new personal best. Playing against your own score is a great way to have fun, challenge yourself, and get better. 

    Then easily switch between your own scores and the rank list leaderboard. Pick an opponent and see if you can beat that score. Your public profile can be seen by all other players and any player can follow you. Collects achievements for many different activities in the game – some for performance, some just for fun.  

  • SAFE!

    Designed by four dads, the Backyard League experience is completely safe for children. Everyone can have fun playing together, competing against one another, building profiles, and collecting badges – all without any concerns about privacy.

    NO personal data required to play

    NO personal data collected

    NO subscription, extra cost or in-app purchase

    NO open communication between players

Downloadable Quickstart Guide

A little something to help you get started!

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