Getting Started

Connect the ball to the phone and get started in 2 minutes

  • Connect the Ball

    The ball uses Bluetooth to connect to the phone. Important: Do NOT connect in the phone settings. Just launch the app, push the button and connect.


    - Enable Bluetooth

    - Enable Location services(Android)

    - Use quality CR2032 battery (CR2025 will not work)

  • Upgrade the Ball Software

    On first connection, the App may upgrade the software in the ball. The upgrade takes 30-60 seconds. If it fails for any reason, kill the app(swipe it up) and start again. The app will automatically resume the upgrade

  • Commmon Problems

    Most connection problems are caused by the Bluetooth settings on the phone. To solve this try the following suggestions:

    - Disable and re-enable Bluetooth

    - Restart the phone

  • Completely stuck?

    As a last resort try the following steps:

    - Remove the battery from the sensor

    - Insert the battery

    - Restart the Backyard League app

    - Press the button on the sensor

  • Need Help?

    If you need help, please send the following to

    - Screenshot of the app

    - Phone model

  • Adjusting Ball Weight

    The gaming baseball comes with weight tuners. Insert these into your gaming baseball to tune the total weight of the ball. The standard weight of a baseball should be between 5 to 5 1/4 ounces or 142 to 149 grams.