Hello. We are Playfinity.

In 2016 we started Playfinity to use technology smarter - to inspire active play, as kids are stuck to screens because of the way experiences are designed. 

At Playfinity, we are combining our experience from technology, play, sports, and engineering to bring gaming to baseball - turning backyards into the new place to game.

Since we released our first smart ball in 2018, we have connected with thousands of players, held hundreds of events, and logged more than forty million throws, kicks, and jumps.

Our journey has just started!  Join us on our mission to bring fun and play back into sports, and sports back to kids.  We are passionate about creating more fun, keeping kids, families, and communities playing together and playing longer.

    • Our mission

      Founded in 2016, we are a Norwegian sports technology company. Using technology to inspire more kids to play sports, and to play for longer and provide coaches and parents tool to be good mentors.

      We do it by gamifying core skill training, making it fun, to get better, in practice and pastime.

    • The challenge

      70% of kids have left sports by the time they are 12 years old because it isn't fun anymore. What makes sports fun for most kids is being with friends, competing, and getting better.

      We have the opportunity as adults to bring back the fun, so the kids keep playing longer.

      We found that mastering core skills is one area that makes it more fun to play together, so that has become our focus.

    From left to right: Paal Smith-Meyer brings a creative brain with 14 years of experience as creative director at The LEGO Group. Eivind Solberg excels at attention to detail, with decades of experience as industrial designer. Stian Vælitalo’s has the creator magic and experience designing and coding systems for the national bank and postal system. Jarle Nordby-Bøe brings decades of IoT and Bluetooth experience from Texas Instruments.