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Backyard League turns Practice Time into Game Time. Have fun, build skills and compete together. Join Season 1 now!

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Learn more about the unique Gaming Baseball

Gaming Baseball

    Join Backyard League, the baseball catch game that turns practise time into game time, making it FUN to get better.


    The Gaming Baseball & the Backyard League App creates engaging games for guaranteed fun playing catch with friends and family. The ball measures and detects your actions, giving you an arcade game feel with live commentary and sound effects


    Play and train together across the 6 games inspired by core fielding skills. Improve your throws and catches, accuracy and consistency, transfer time, and more.

The Games

Backyard League might just be the most fun way to practise the fundamentals of your defensive game. 

The competitive nature strengthens your ability focus and improves the  intensity and tempo you play with. It is the most match like adrenaline pumping experience you will get outside playing a game. 

And because it is fun, you want to play again and again.

About the games

Many ways to play

Every time you open Backyard League you enter your home screen. From here you have access to all parts of the game. Update your profile, manage your Gaming Baseball, and check out what new achievements and rewards you can get. 

About the league